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Direcția Națională Anticorupție






January, 8th, 2019
No. 6/VIII/3


Today is the last day of my 6-month mandate as Delegated Chief Prosecutor of DNA. It was a very hard decision for me to accept this interim position, at the request of the management of the Public Ministry, at a time when DNA was in a difficult situation. A procedure was supposed to take place shortly after for the appointment of the designated Chief Prosecutor whose mandate lasts for three years. For reasons that I couldn’t determine or influence, this period has extended after the six months ended.

During this time, I strived to do everything that I could for DNA to function well, despite the hostile climate that the institution had to face. I tried to ensure a time of balance and normality by means of democratic leadership.

My first objective was to act in such a way as to give the best solution to all the issues raised in terms of functioning and internal organisation of DNA, thus enabling us to carry out our activity in good conditions, in accordance with the legal jurisdiction and powers and within the limits of the available resources.

An even more important objective was to make sure, as much as I could and as much as it depended on me, according to my legal responsibilities, that the cases sent to trial by DNA regarded criminal offences duly supported by evidence and that the investigations complied with the legal provisions and fundamental rights of the people.

From the very first day of my interim mandate, I highlighted the fact that DNA had no targets, but a jurisdiction provided by law that had to be observed, i.e. to fight against high level corruption by means provided by the criminal law. Moreover, I considered that as long as corruption exists in Romania, the DNA prosecutors need to have the possibility, both legally and de facto, to investigate cases, fairly and professionally and without being intimidated.

I have and always will show solidarity with so many of our colleagues who, with major efforts, honesty, personal sacrifices and facing any kinds of pressure, succeeded in gathering evidence against serious corruption acts, regardless of the rank and reputation of the people involved, and to bring back stolen wealth, to recover damage caused to the state budget. Due to these colleagues, there are many people in Romania who are convinced that justice can be done, that power or wealth are not enough to protect those who infringe the law, and that we will not let corruption to go on for ever.

I have not and never will show solidarity with the abuses committed in performing the act of justice, whoever would commit them. These abuses must not exist, and if they do exist, they must be sanctioned. I believe in making justice with clean hands.

I show no solidarity either with the manner in which some of the prosecutors chose to express professional or personal dissatisfactions by using obscure, illegal, non-deontological means, unworthy of a magistrate. I think it has gone too far and I believe that the moment has come that these practices end.

During the Holidays, I had time to reflect and I came to the conclusion that I did my duty the best I could, in full good faith, with balance and concern for the well-functioning of the institution, but that my interim mandate has to end here. The recent events, including the use for an unfair purpose and the distortion of the meaning of a private conversation during which I looked for legal and correct solutions meant to improve the activity of DNA, made me conclude that I no longer have the necessary premises to hold this office according to the visions and objectives I envisaged when accepting the position.

I thank all my colleagues who trusted me and supported me until the last date of my mandate. I hope that this provisional period ends with the appointment of a chief prosecutor, devoted to the correct and professional act of justice, an independent prosecutor, a person of integrity, who is willing to carry on the efforts made by DNA in fighting high and medium level corruption and who will be given the chance and the necessary means to succeed.